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123Pi is the people's investigator. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable investigative services while upholding strict professional and ethical standards. 123Pi is dedicated to solving your personal or business problems. Using the latest in investigative research techniques and equipment, our licensed investigators deliver accurate results in a timely and confidential manner. 123Pi understands the needs of our clients and we price our services accordingly. Our services are tailored to accommodate various budgets. For more information on our prices, see our Pricing Philosophy.

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Pricing Philosophy

123Pi will provide an innovative solution to your problem at a price that you can afford. Most problems can be solved by either a research solution, a product solution or an investigative solution.

A research solution may include a background investigation on the person or business in question. Possible options include criminal records, civil records, driving records, or other venues of public record research. 123Pi can provide a research solution to your problem at a cost of $25 to $99.

A product solution utilizes the latest hi-tech equipment, such as mini cams and GPS vehicle monitoring systems. Coupled with the expertise of our investigative staff, a product solution is easy to incorporate and an effective means to solving your problem. Product prices vary from $100 to $300.

An investigative solution provides a means to solve more serious problems. We use the latest physical and electronic surveillance techniques to provide you with professional and confidential resolution to your problems. An investigative solution may also include research or product solutions. 123Pi will conduct a comprehensive investigation with prices starting at $1,000.

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